Unit Of Study

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School District:  Grant-Deuel School 
Unit of Study Title:
  Music Throughout History
Topic Area:  Fine Arts
Grade Level:  7-12
Time Frame:  3-9 weeks
Key Words:  Music, Composers
Unit Designer Name: 
Laura Hummel
Unit Designer E-mail Address:  Laura.J.Hummel@k12.sd.us
Peer Reviewer Name:   Jeff Ringgenberg
Peer Reviewer E-mail Address:  Jeff.Ringgenberg@k12.sd.us
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             Fine Arts:  Students will understand musicís relationship to society, the
                                other arts, disciplines outside the arts, history and culture

SD Content Standard Indicators:

            Students will listen to, analyze and describe music
Students will understand relationships between music, the other arts and disciplines outside the arts.
Students will understand music in relation to history and culture

 SD Content Standard Benchmarks

Analyze the uses of elements of music in aural examples representing diverse genres and cultures.
Compare in two or more arts how the characteristic material of each art can be used to transform similar events, scenes emotions or ideas into works of art.
Describe ways in which the principles and subject matter of other disciplines taught in the school are interrelated with those of music.
Describe distinguishing characteristics of representative music genres and styles.
Compare in several cultures of the world, functions music serves, roles of musicians, and conditions under which music is typically performed.

 Brief summery of unit:

This unit will give the student a greater understanding of music history and in particular, a specific composerís life and music.  The student will compile musical and historical background and create a power point presentation on their specific composer as a final project.

 Students will understand:

Integration of other disciplines with music helps see relevance and connections among all curricular areas.  Music is a frame of reference for the culture and environment which created it.  By understanding the cultural and historical forces that shape social attitude and behaviors, students are better prepared to live in communities that are increasingly multicultural.  Through an understanding of others, we increase our understanding of ourselves.

 Essential Questions:

1.  Who is the composer you will be researching?
2.  What musical era did the composer live and write in?
3.  What country was the composer from?
4.  What social/economic background did the composer come from?
5.  Did this affect how and what he or she composed
6.  What historically, was occurring in the composer's country?
7.  Did this affect how and what he or she composed

 Key Knowledge and Skills Students Will Acquire:

1.  Students will know in-depth information on a particular composer and his life.
2.  Students will know historical facts of a specific era.
3.  Students will know facts of the culture and society of a particular era.
4.  Students will know that music is related to every area of their lives.
5.  Students will be able to understand that music is related to our culture and society.

 Assessment Plan:

Each student will be required to write a paper as well as give a Power Point presentation on the specific composer of their choosing.  Students will also be required to listen to at minimum 5 different recordings of that composers works and provide written critiques of each.

 Learning Activities:
The students will begin by learning about the different periods of music history,
what the different styles and characteristics and from this choose a composer to
The students will participate in several discussion groups on the different eras of music.
Using several resources, the student will start to compile a biography of the composer as well as the historical facts and culture surrounding their particular composer.
The students will need to find
recordings of  their specific composers music, on CD or
from the internet.
The students will listen to the recordings then analyze and describe the pieces using musical terminology.
The student will submit a written research paper using several sources.
The student will give a Power Point presentation on their particular composer as well
as the history and culture of that era.

Notes:  This project can take 3 weeks or up to 9 weeks depending on your own time constraints.  I will be using this unit in my Exploring Music class where we will have ample time to research and fine tune these projects.

Peer Reviewer Comments:
Sounds like an interesting unit.  Most students probably don't have much of an understanding for the history of music.  I know I don't know very much about classical music.  Sounds like the students will get to use quite a bit of technology as well.  Sounds like a fine unit.

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